What is Accounts in Zoho CRM 2021?

If you are managing your business you must have CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) that helps in businesses better and get customer insights.In current world Data is everything for any business.There are so many CRM softwares available in the market.In this article we talk about Zoho CRM . Zoho is Indian technology company founded by Sridhar Vembu in 1996.There have invented more than 50+ Cloud Applications.There are so many modules available in Zoho CRM like Leads , Contacts , Accounts and Deals etc. In this article we will talk about Accounts in Zoho CRM . Accounts is basically represents Company. Let's suppose if some company wants product from your company.They will asked from your Sales person like we wants this product.In mean time the sales person will make entry in CRM. Sales person will put data into Accounts module. They will fill information like company GST Number, interest into etc. After that they create a Deal against that company. In simple words, Account

What is Contacts in Zoho CRM in 2021?

CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) is a software to automate the sales process of the business. CRM is the most important software in current time.With the use of CRM we can predict the sales of the company.There are so many CRM software available in the market. Zoho CRM is the best CRM software available in the market. Zoho CRM is the simplest solution available in the market with the use of this software we can integrate with third party applications with Zoho . There are so many modules available in the Zoho CRM .We usually confused about those modules like what is the use case of those modules.There are modules like Leads , Contacts , Accounts and Deals etc we usually confused about these modules. In this articles we will talk about what is Contacts in Zoho CRM .What is the use case of Contacts module in Zoho CRM . Basically when a company is looking for any software solution for their organisation than in that case the person who is representing the company to purchas

What is Leads in Zoho CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software to manage your sales process of the company.Using CRM you can automate your whole business process.CRM is replacing old method to manage the sales of the company.In earlier time company used to manage their sales over excel sheet.The big issue to manage the sales over the excel sheet was sometimes data was mistakenly deleted by the sales person and no record of previous activity over the leads. Zoho CRM is very beneficial to manage your leads and their past activity over the leads.Their is so many modules in Zoho CRM like Leads , Contact , Account and Deals etc.People used to very confuse over this terms.In this article we will cover what is Leads in Zoho CRM . Let's suppose an example, a customer wants to buy a software from a company, he will go to company website and make an enquiry about the software.The information he will put over the contact form over the website is called as a Lead.Basic information about the custom